What if ……

What if, I spoke out clearly?
Before her.

What if, I exclude my pride to gain what I want?

What if, you heard my cry?
Yes, you made me cry.

What if, you felt that pain?
I’m sick.

Will you come to me?
Will you be mine?

Even if I can turn back time,
I’m not certain.

I know that “what if” is a prohibited clause in our Religion.
Because it mean we regrets something that happen in the past.

But, I have faith.

I believe, if we were made for each other.
With do nothing, you’ll be mine.

I do believe, if we’re not destined to each other.
How can I force God to make you be mine?
Because since the first time, you’re not mine.

Let you go.
That’s the simple thing that I have to do.

*Bahasa Inggrisnya random sekali, correct me if I’m wrong 😀

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